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Expanded Standards Table
19 Jul 2019 by Brandt Redd

This is a retrospective post since the news feature wasn’t added to EdMatrix until August 2019.

On July 19 we added a greatly expanded standards table thanks to many peoples’ contributions from ICICLE, the Ed 3.0 Group, Project Unicorn and others. The downside of this is that there are now too many standards to fit on the matrix diagram. For the present, the diagram will represent the most commonly used standards and consolidate multiple standards under the organization that produces them.

The table is now automatically generated from raw data in the _stds folder on the GitHub Repository. A few more standards that require more research before publishing are listed in the stds drafts folder. All of this is designed to facilitate contributions from the Education Technology community.

Long term, I hope that we can dynamically generate the matrix and let users filter for the standards to be included. If you’re proficient at dynamically generating SVG using JavaScript and want to try your hand that this, please contact me in the issues forum.