Directory of Learning Data and Content Standards

EdMatrix Version 2.0
13 Sep 2022 by Brandt Redd

Today we release the first updates to EdMatrix based on the Data Standards United workgroup report. The taxonomy has been updated to match the recommendations and the existing standards have been recoded to the new data model.

There is still much to do. If you are interested in contributing, please view the How to Contribute page. Here are the upcoming tasks:

  • Update the taxonomy description page to match the new vertical dimension of the matrix.
  • Add filtering and sorting to the directory including making the matrix clickable.
  • Create an additional directory of standards under development or revision and the corresponding workgroups - thereby helping people find where to participate.
  • Create a reference page to directories of competency standards including The Achievement Standards Network, the IMS CASE Network, The Credential Registry, MedBiquitous and others.