Directory of Learning Standards

StandardACT Holistic Framework
Standards OrgACT
TypesCompetency Data, Content Metadata, Competency & Achievement
Data Layers1. Data Dictionary
2. Data Model
Ed LevelsPK, Primary, Secondary, HigherEd, Workforce

ACT Holistic Framework: To help people navigate these shifts from kindergarten to career (K–Career), ACT has created a holistic framework for understanding education and work readiness, navigating life’s transition points, and achieving success.

Learn more about the four, key domains that emphasize a broad range of skills and encourage a more expansivevision of the outcomes that help to define student success.

  • Core academic skills that are mapped to learning progressions from K-career
  • Cross-cutting capabilities, such as critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and information and technology skills
  • Behavioral skills related to success in education and the workforce
  • Education and career navigation skills related to exploration, planning, and decision making